Musa and Palm Café

Musa and Palm Café

Musa and Palm is more than just a café, it’s a gourmet destination to invigorate the heart and soul beyond a culinary experience. Come in and find out. 

Gourmet food is a form of art. It’s time that the world experiences what Saudi Arabia has to offer in terms of culinary innovation. 

Musa and Palm combines the Arabian Heritage with innovation, we see this as a mission of cross-cultural communication. Nothing is more amazing than understanding culture through its’ culinary offering. Trying our creations is almost like an epiphany.

From finest filled gourmet dates to wonderful breakfast experiences, pastries, cakes and cookies, we want to take you on a journey of 1001 nights retold. 

We look forward to your visit.

Jeddah Boutique

8683 Abdul Maqsud KhojahAr Rawdah, Jeddah 23435

Sunday            7.30 am – 12 am
Monday           7.30 am – 12 am
Tuesday           7.30 am – 12 am
Wednesday     7.30 am – 12 am
Thursday             8 am – 1 am
Friday                   8 am – 1 am
Saturday              8 am – 1 am

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Riyadh Boutique

Amr Aldamri St, Al Kindi Plaza

Al Safarat, Riyadh 12512

Sunday            7 am – 12 am
Monday           7 am – 12 am
Tuesday           7 am – 12 am
Wednesday     7 am – 12 am
Thursday          7 am – 12 am
Friday               4 pm – 12 am
Saturday           4 pm – 12 am

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