About us

About Musa & Palm

Musa & Palm is a rising star in the world of gourmet dates and confectionery, with a deep-rooted passion for Saudi culture and heritage. Our unique creations and stunning designs captivate all the senses, bringing a modern twist to the date industry.

Founded by visionary entrepreneur Suha Mousa, Musa & Palm represents Saudi heritage and values in a contemporary setting. Inspired by her time in Medina, Suha Mousa aims to share the country's love for food with the world, fostering cross-cultural communication through the joy of gastronomy.

Located in Jeddah's vibrant City Yard Quarter, Musa & Palm's Boutique and Café offer an exciting and modern experience. Renowned Michelin Star Chefs praise their finest gourmet date creations, revolutionizing the Middle Eastern gourmet landscape.

Expanding to Riyadh, Musa & Palm plans is opening new retail store, café, and production center by November 2023. Our elegant offerings will be located in the Diplomatic Quarters, showcasing their exquisite date products and contemporary gifts.

We can’t wait to welcome you! 

Musa and Palm Team